Covid-19 | Haval

Dear Valued Customer,

We are currently closed for Lockdown.

For access to information on Covid-19, please visit

1.Essential Services Vehicles Breakdown or Repair:

ONLY Essential Services Vehicles – as listed by Government, will be able to be repaired or attended to in an emergency.As such, please note the following info for getting your Essential Services Vehicle attended to:

Subject to the Department of Trade Approval (Dept of Trade may disallow our staff from attending to this matter, which will prevent us from suppling this service. Please understand our position in this regard, we can not perform any service as per the Government regulation if we are not granted approval) The primary roll of Government and the “lockdown” process, is to protect the safety & health of all South Africans.

2.Non Essential vehicle breakdowns:

Please contact our Emergency Road Side Assist toll free number for Haval & GWM – 076 8022 435

In warranty vehicles are free of charge. Normal towing rates apply to out of warranty customers.Your vehicle will be towed to your home if no nearby dealership is open.

3.Sales team online:

Most of our sales team are still online to support you with any vehicle enquiries or applications.We will continue to monitor the website so you are welcome to complete online enquiries and the appropriate person will respond as soon as possible.

Please note that only telephone, email and online support will be offered. Test drives, physical evaluations or inspections will be only possible until after lockdown.

Stay Safe and Well!

Yours in Motoring,

Haval Fourways & Port Elizabeth