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Haval H6 vs Haval H6C

Haval offers two variants of the popular compact crossover that is in the process of cementing the Chinese brand’s burgeoning reputation in South Africa - the Haval H6 and the Haval H6C. Not quite sure that the difference is, or which of these vehicles would best suit your needs? No problem – here is a quick rundown of the most obvious differences.

Differentiating between the Haval H6 & Haval H6C


The Haval H6C offers a more extensive portfolio of trim options and standard features. As such, the Haval H6 is the more economic option.


The Haval H6 has a 4C20 engine, while the H6C has a GW4G15B engine.


The H6 is only available in manual transmission, while the H6C is available in both manual transmission and dual-clutch transmission in certain trim variants.


The Haval H6 is available in City and Premium trim, while the H6C is available in City, Premium and Luxury.


The H6 is only available in 2WD, while the H6C can be special ordered in 4WD when you select the Premium or Luxury trim.

DID YOU KNOW? The ‘C’ in Haval H6C stands for ‘Coupe’.

These are just a few of the most obvious differences between the Haval H6 and the Haval H6C. If you would like more information on these two models, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a knowledgeable sales representative at your nearest branch. We are more than happy to walk you through it and assist you in weighing up your options.

TOP TIP: Sometimes the best way to decide which vehicles is best for you is to get behind the wheel. The specs and stats are all good and well, but it’s how your Haval feels on the road that makes all the difference. Let’s book a test drive so you can compare the Haval H6 and the Haval H6C in person.

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