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Servicing, parts & repairs

Haval and GWM cars are built to be durable. Sturdy parts and intelligent design ensure that the cars can hold up under pressure. To make sure that your performance lasts, every vehicle should be submitted to regular maintenance. To preserve the high standard of safety and performance that you receive when you purchase a new Haval or GWM you will need a skilful vehicle service.

Make sure to keep your car functioning just as smoothly as it was when it first left the lot. At Port Elizabeth & Fourways Haval we have a team of experts to ensure that your car service and parts needs are met to the highest standard.

Regular servicing is important to keep your performance high and your costs low. A regular service of your car is critical to ensure that the high safety standards and driving comfort that Haval and GWM provide can be maintained throughout your car’s lifespan.

At Fourways or Port Elizabeth Haval you will be met with a polite team ready to assist you with a swift and easy service from booking to completion. Our technicians are highly skilled and capable of handling any maintenance needs, large or small. Our service centre makes any necessary repairs as well as measuring the condition of your vehicle to manage future service requirements and increase the longevity of your car. Should your vehicle require parts, we are committed to supplying only the best in terms of quality and fitting.

At PE & Fourways Haval you can trust that your vehicle is in the right hands. We look forward to providing you with the best in quality service and repair you every time your vehicle needs attention.