New Vehicle Range at CFAO Haval

At UM Haval, we offer the full range of new Haval and GWM cars in our dealerships. Our range includes some of the best new vehicles available in South Africa. With world-class new SUV's, double cabs and passenger vehicles on offer, at CFAO Haval and GWM we are fully equipped to set you up with a life-changing new car.

GWM is a relatively new addition to the South African market, with its introduction taking place a little more than a decade ago. In that short time GWM has received a warm response from the South African public and found a home in the hearts of many proud GWM owners. GWM vehicles have proven themselves to be at home in the South African terrain and to perform at the highest level.

GWM’s divisional Haval SUVs have found similar instant success. Topping global sales figures and receiving semi-finalist nomination in the 2017 Consumer Awards just months after their introduction to South Africa.

The incredible Range of Haval SUVs taking on the world of motoring include the H6, H9 and Jolion. With millions of Havals already sold all over the world, the vehicles shine, not simply as an affordable alternative, but as class-leaders.

The ruggedness and high performance that you need from a workhouse can be found in every new GWM.

Browse through our range of new cars online or contact us to find out about the new series of Haval and GWM vehicles. Book a test drive today by contacting us via our website or visit us at one of our dealerships - either in Fourways (Gauteng), Humansdorp, N1 City (Cape Town)or Port Elizabeth. Speak to one of our experienced staff members and find out just how soon you can become a part of the Haval and GWM revolution.

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